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February 6, 2010 1 comment

I was thinking of trying to write again but I’m not exactly sure what to talk about. I had so much I wanted to get off of my chest because I don’t really have anyone to talk to. So much to say and I don’t know where to begin….

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It’s been a while

November 15, 2008 Leave a comment

I didn’t realize how long it had been since I blogged. I’m bored with bloggin. I’ll be back sometimes. Just not sure when yet. Drop me a email if like.

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Breathing ain’t easy

June 26, 2008 Leave a comment

It has been muggy the last two days. So my allergies have not been kind to me. I awoke this morning feeling like I can’t take a complete breath. It’s come and gone all day. Now, that I am home in the air conditioning it is better. Then, the boyfriend come in and lights up a cigarette. I can’t breath very well again!

I hate cigarettes. Have I ever mentioned that? If not then let me go on record as such. I can’t stand them. They are bad for the person smoking them and the people around them. Have a care! Go outside and definitely don’t smoke around your kids.

The BF smokes around our son and he shouldn’t. Our son is on Singulair for the summer because of allergies. This winter, he had to use a breathing machine (I’m not sure the exact name of it) with albuterol. I’ve told the BF that he shouldn’t smoke around our son but he doesn’t listen.

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The perils of others watching your kids

June 18, 2008 Leave a comment

Our babysitter let Pnut get sunburned on Monday. He was out at their blow up pool all day and she didn’t put sunscreen on him. He has blisters on his shoulders and his whole back is severely sunburned. He hasn’t slept good so that means I haven’t slept good because I have a visitor in my bed every night, telling me, “Mom, my back hurts”. I am putting Aloe Vera gel on him when I can and Gold Bond body lotion that soothes and cools. Boy! Lemme tell you it really cools too! It’s triple action relief for extra dry and itchy skin. I am also using it on his eczema. I don’t usually spend $8.99 on a bottle of lotion but I would do anything at this point to make his pain go away.

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Too much of a good thing

June 10, 2008 Leave a comment

Sunday’s big storm had us without power for 24 hours. Which is a lot less, than they expected us to be without power. Everyone around town was told 3-5 days before power would be restored. Of course, it came back on after we left to go and get a generator so we could keep the fridge colder than the ice was keeping it. The BF and I returned to find the power on. Pnut has been at my mom’s since Sunday because our sitter, who lives in the next town south of us, had no power either. The BF is headed back up to give the generator back but we are going to leave my son there to stay the rest of the week.

It has rained every day since Friday and again today, very heavily! I returned from work today to find my planters that I am growing my bulbs in flooded and so full of water is was sitting on top. So, I took my lilies out of planters and planted them in my flower bed. I had some other bulbs growing that I can’t remember the name of that are going to have to be transplanted in a pot with holes in it. Either tomorrow or Friday, I am going to have to get some potting soil and take care of them.

Please, please……

No more rain for a couple of day!! 🙂

You’ve got the whole summer ahead of you

June 6, 2008 Leave a comment

Today  was Lil Pnut’s last day of school. I tried to get a picture of him getting off of the bus on his last day and of course, my camera batteries died. He finally remembered to give us his report card, a little while ago. Of course, he did very good on just about everything. I am definitely going to have to work with him, this summer, so he will retain the things he needs to remember for 1st grade.

Pnut just asked me to clean his glasses. I noticed the lens on his glasses has a very bad gouged and is scratched. Apparently, one of his classmates knocked him down and rubbed his face into the tile floor. This is the same little boy, that from the sound of things, has been terrorizing the children in the classroom, all year. Now, I need to take his glasses back to the eye doctor’s to see if they will re-coat his glasses or if they can do something so we don’t have to have the whole lens replaced.

This isn’t the first child Pnut has had problems with and I know he won’t be the last. I just wish parents would teach their children better manners.

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Happy Mother’s Day 2008

May 11, 2008 1 comment

To all my “fellow” Moms in the world:

Happy Mother\'s Day

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