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I’m never good with titles

I’ve been meaning to write. I really have. I’ve haven’t been playing Neopets very much. I have over 6 millions neopoints now. I am not really bored with it. I’ve just been playing the Apps on Myspace as myself and not as my Jolie persona. What you didn’t know it was a persona? Poor you. Anywho. I am kicking but on Mafia Wars. I still haven’t reinstalled The Sims 2 on this computer so I haven’t played that.

I’ve been reading also. I got 3 more books on Tuesday and by Wednesday afternoon, I had the 1st one finished and started another. They are all by Brenda Joyce. I’ve been reading her de Warenne dynasty series and have yet to read The Stolen Bride so I didn’t read them all in order. It always seems to be out when I try to get it. I am going to read her Masters of Time series next.

I’ve been taking photos of my flowers and whatever else. I need to get out to the country so this weekend, I think we will attempt it, even though I can’t really afford the gas to go. I need to also take my old computer to my sister. I think the power supply decided to die in it. I am not good with the internal repairs but she is. And I need to visit with my mom.

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