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Kitty motherly love

At work, on Monday, we discovered two beautiful kittens in a very large cardboard box. One is orange and the other one is gray. I wish that I could bring one of them home but I can’t. A lot of kittens have been adopted from our shop, so hopefully, someone will take pity on them and take them.

We have two tortoise shell calicos at work. We have big momma and anorexic little momma. Neither have names. I just know the difference because of their body shapes. Anyways, little momma is the mother to the kittens but big momma is intent on stealing them even though she doesn’t have milk. Fortunately, if she does suceed they are almost big enough to be weaned. This winter, big momma had two kittens and they were adopted by two different people at work. She looked for them for a week or more. Then she had a black kitten and it was adopted about 2 or 3 weeks ago. Apparently, she wants to be a mom so badly that she’s resorting to adopting other kittens even though she has no milk. I just hope all is well when we return to work on Monday and that the kittens aren’t starving because their mother abandoned them to big momma.

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