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Breathing ain’t easy

It has been muggy the last two days. So my allergies have not been kind to me. I awoke this morning feeling like I can’t take a complete breath. It’s come and gone all day. Now, that I am home in the air conditioning it is better. Then, the boyfriend come in and lights up a cigarette. I can’t breath very well again!

I hate cigarettes. Have I ever mentioned that? If not then let me go on record as such. I can’t stand them. They are bad for the person smoking them and the people around them. Have a care! Go outside and definitely don’t smoke around your kids.

The BF smokes around our son and he shouldn’t. Our son is on Singulair for the summer because of allergies. This winter, he had to use a breathing machine (I’m not sure the exact name of it) with albuterol. I’ve told the BF that he shouldn’t smoke around our son but he doesn’t listen.

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