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Reading is a necessity

I’ve been doing a lot of reading since winter. I wanted to start reading on a regular basis again. We have an okay library here in town and since I couldn’t afford to buy books like usually do, I borrowed them from the library. First, I started with the Bridgerton series by Julia Quinn which I enjoyed a lot. After reading all of that series, I was lucky enough to come across the Cynster series, which has to be one of my favorite series of all time by Stephanie Laurens, who is now one of my favorite authors. Stephanie Laurens also wrote The Bastion Club series, which I’ve also had the pleasure of reading. I am impatiently waiting for, The Edge of Desire, the 7th book of this series to be released on August 26th.

All of the above books, that I mentioned, are romance novels. I started reading the Lord John series by Anne Rice but I could never get by hands on the 3rd book so I gave up and started on the romance novels. I tend to check out 3 at a time. Since, they are so thick, it usually takes me almost 2 weeks to read them but not always. The 3 books that I recently checked out were thinner books and I almost done reading them all. I am on the 3rd one now, so I expect to be back at the library Tuesday if not on Wednesday. If I do finish it by then, it has only taken me 9 days to read them all.

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