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Healing takes time

Pnut’s sunburn is much better. Most of the redness is gone. Despite, my lovingly applying lotion and aloe to his skin, I noticed this morning that it has begun to peel. His shirt has taken care of a lot of the peeling, this late in the day.  I’ve tried to keep him out of the sun, which hasn’t been too hard since it’s rained most of the week here.

The last two days, we have been going for bike rides. It is a lot easier to take P’nut for bike rides since he no longer has training wheels to contend with. I get more benefit from riding since I don’t have to just coast along.

Last weekend, when I was visiting my mother, I retrieved my laptop from my sister. I am using it now. I have to say, it’s nice to sit in bed and be able to use my laptop. I miss having a mouse though as I’ve never quite gotten used to using the touch pad on the laptop. It’s a nuisance to me and not easy for me to use. I guess it would just take time to finally get used. I am thinking the laptop would be better to use for my hands than the desktops because everything is close by and I don’t have to reach for anything. I’ve finally figured out why my laptop kept locking up before I took it to my sister. The wireless card that I was using in my PCMCIA card slot  was making it overheat or something. As long as I don’t use the wireless card, the laptop is fine. I am using a network cable that I’ve hooked up from the router. I am going to look into a USB wireless dongle.

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