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More than a little proud

My lil pnut, my beautiful, wonderful son can now ride a bike without training wheels. Of course, his legs are now covered with bruises. He has been at my mother’s since Sunday because of our power outage. He had a bike there which he has never attempted to ride until this week. The daddy and I went there, last night, to take back my brother’s generator. Imagine my surprise when stepping out onto the porch, I see my son flying by on a bike! Not just a leisure ride but actually going full speed. The bike he’s been riding at mom’s is much smaller than the bike daddy bought him recently. It’s a bike that should actually have training wheels. We are going to bring that bike home with us when I go to pick him up this weekend, so he can get better at riding before he graduates to the bigger bike.

Pnut and I will be staying with mom on Friday night if I can get him to stay one more night. Last night, he asked me to come and pick him up, tonight. Daddy told him he had to stay one more day because Daddy had to work Friday. Mom is going to be alone, this weekend so I really would like to stay one night with her.

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  1. June 13, 2008 at 06/13/08 1:04 PM

    yay, Pnut! And congrats, rightfully proud mama! 🙂 That’s a major milestone, and such a wonderful thing.

    I hope you get to spend some time with your mom!

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