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Too much of a good thing

Sunday’s big storm had us without power for 24 hours. Which is a lot less, than they expected us to be without power. Everyone around town was told 3-5 days before power would be restored. Of course, it came back on after we left to go and get a generator so we could keep the fridge colder than the ice was keeping it. The BF and I returned to find the power on. Pnut has been at my mom’s since Sunday because our sitter, who lives in the next town south of us, had no power either. The BF is headed back up to give the generator back but we are going to leave my son there to stay the rest of the week.

It has rained every day since Friday and again today, very heavily! I returned from work today to find my planters that I am growing my bulbs in flooded and so full of water is was sitting on top. So, I took my lilies out of planters and planted them in my flower bed. I had some other bulbs growing that I can’t remember the name of that are going to have to be transplanted in a pot with holes in it. Either tomorrow or Friday, I am going to have to get some potting soil and take care of them.

Please, please……

No more rain for a couple of day!! 🙂

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