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trying to make my thumbs green

What have I been up to? For once, a whole lot. I’ll share a few things:

I’ve been doing yard work off and on for the last 3 weeks. I bought some plants to put in my flower garden that I didn’t have yet at Home Depot. So, I had to come home and, mind you, I didn’t have one so I had to start digging up the sod in my yard. Unfortunately, the part of my yard that I chose had lots of crab grass in it. That is the main reason I chose it. Little did I know, crab grass is not easy to dig up and it has lots and lots of roots. The first time that I dug, I ended up with a very sore back because it had a ton of crab grass and the ground was very dry. That was in the front of the house. Near my porch, I started digging, last Sunday, where there was crab grass but this time, I did it the day after it rained all night so the ground was easier to dig. Tuesday, we went to get bricks for the front flower bed and I guessed we needed about 50 bricks. After, I lined up my bricks, I realized that they fit almost perfectly if I made the flower bed bigger. So, guess what I did today? That’s right, I dug some more but I’m still not done. I want to get my stuff planted soon.

My stuff that I ordered online from a nursery finally came. It’s roots and bulbs. I wanted plants. I thought I would save some money buying the stuff that way and I did but it’s only roots! I guess that I should of just paid a little more and bought the stuff at a nursery/garden center.

The plants that I bought at HD were argeratum, dianthius and snapdragons. The plants that I ordered where Francee Hosta, Mixed Color Hybrid Lillies, gladiolas, crown vetch, snow ball plants, and Freesia. The plants that I bought today at a nursery where, mixed salvia, Lilac and Marine Blue Lobelia, and some creeping phlox. I usually only buy perennials but I really liked the Lobelia and Salvia so I gave in to some annuals.

Maybe when my stuff starts growing, I can post some pictures of the stuff that I got.

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  1. May 12, 2008 at 05/12/08 4:54 PM

    sounds like it is going to be lovely! I hope you do post pics.

    We have a lot of areas at the new house that had been landscaped at one time, which are still bricked around, but are full of weeds. This year I’m going to focus on cleaning everything up, but next year, the planting will start. 🙂 I’ll have to pick your brain about how some of the things you have chosen grow.

    Glad you’re getting out and enjoying yourself in the yard. It can be hard work, but is really rewarding, isn’t it?

  2. Capri
    May 12, 2008 at 05/12/08 9:34 PM

    Yes post pictures if you can! I’m lucky if a plant I buy at the store can last a couple of months.

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