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How I learned HTML

When I first started designing web sites, there wasn’t really a good place out there to find what I needed to know. I learned html the hard way. I was using the editor that came with Netscape. Sometimes, it left things out or added line breaks and things that I didn’t want in there. Eventually, I learned to look at the code. I figured it was the only way that I was going to learn. Back then, everything was done with tables. Tables suck but at the time, they got the job done. I would either edit my code by viewing the html source in Netscape or by using notepad.

Once CSS was introduced, I started playing around with that on notepad. Then I started using AceHTML from Visicom Media. I love that particular piece of software. These days, I design solely with notepad and a browser. I can write a web page from scratch now using CSS. Sometimes, I have to look at some old stuff because my brain gets a bit fuzzy but I can still get the job done. There’s nothing wrong with using help from various web sites. Not everyone can remember every bit of CSS or code all the time.

I do know one thing very well. There are a lot of people who design as a source of income and I admire them for that. Sometimes, it can get very frustrating.

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How did you learn HTML and CSS? What programs and sites did you use or find helpful?

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