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May 5, 2007

A while back, I had a bad experience after joining a web forum that was dedicated to Antonio Banderas. I had been polite to everyone and had never posted off topic. I thought I had been a model member. In my signature, I put links to my 2 blogs and said something to the effect of, “Come gossip with me at Celeb Circus“. One of the members, took great offense to my posts about Melanie Griffith and made a lot of assumptions about me. He blasted me in a post on the same thread that I had posted because he was stupid enough to think that my signature was a post. Of course, he then went back to his regular forum and bitched about the whole episode. I know this because I found the other forum in my referrer stats. He left out a lot of the truth by telling his twisted version of the story and accusing me of deleting or altering the post that I had made. The admins would have a record of deleted posts in the forum files if they know how to find things like that. This person decided that I had no right to say anything bad about Melanie and that I should support her because she makes Antonio happy. First, this person assumed that I didn’t like Melanie at all and that I said things about her that were untrue because I was jealous or something. Second, he presumed to tell me how I should think. Third, he thought it was ok to police what I do outside of that forum. So, I private messaged him because I didn’t think that a public fight was appropriate and other members shouldn’t be dragged into it. Apparently, it was one of most heinous things that I could have done. How dare I PM him and tell him that he had no right to yell at me. In the end, I asked one of admins to delete my account and she asked that I please reconsider my request. So, I did. His post was taken down and the admins ruled that it is not their right to police what people do outside of the forum. I am still not quite accepted at the forum so I don’t post much. No one except this one person has been publicly rude to me instead most act like I don’t exist. I would never, ever join a forum that limits what the members can do off of the site. That policy is too much like Big Brother. Watch out, we’re watching you. That kind of thing. I wish I had thought to say this stuff when this went on. But, as usual, I think of good things to say after the fact.

Almost all of the stories that I use on Celeb Circus are known fact. I don’t use a lot of paparazzi photos and I don’t slam celebs like a lot of other sites do. I don’t see anything abhorrent about what I post. If it’s not your cup of tea, don’t come back. It’s that simple. People don’t have to like what I post and they don’t have to like me but don’t tell me what I can and can not do when you have no right. I am a free thinker. Just because a friend of mine or someone that I love likes something does not mean that I have to like it.

Have you ever had a bad experience with a forum? Did they try to police what you do outside their forum?

5/6/07 – It seems this post has suddenly become very popular. *waves at all the Banderas fans visiting from BB*

  1. May 6, 2007 at 05/6/07 6:28 PM

    ed. note: The comment that I replied to has been deleted. So has the other comment. It’s my blog and I can censor what I wish. Yeah, I’m bitchy like that….

    Hello annoyed,

    Nice of you to visit and comment. Come back any time.

    It’s amazing that I didn’t have to name any names in the post originally and the post got emailed to someone with a email addy. Then suddenly I get all this traffic to one little post. Apparently, someone’s been keeping tabs on me?

    I’ve been trying to come up with posts that have a little more substance to them and not just blathering about my boring life. Guess, it worked, eh? 😉

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