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They start early

I’ve tried to raise my child as a polite human being but sometimes there is only so much that you can do. The kiddo already thinks that he knows more than me and demonstrates this concept quite frequently. It’s very frustrating for me to have to repeat myself telling him I’ve already done what he asks and still he questions me. This from a child who will be 5 years old in 16 days. He asked me to pull out the couch and look behind it for a toy that he’d lost. I did it without him being in the room and only found a tiny little jet. He didn’t believe me that the toy he was looking for was not behind the couch. I finally told him, “Why would I lie that it is not back there?”.

The kiddo does not think that my word is law despite the fact that I am the one who makes and enforces the rules for him. I could look at this as a way to teach a lesson that maybe he should take care of his things so he can find them when he wants them. I’ve tried this before but it has yet to sink into his ever learning little brain. I’ve tried to teach this to the adults at work for several years and they have yet to learn it either. 😀

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