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Crazy winter weather

I think I forgot to set my alarm, last night. I didn’t wake up until 5:48, this morning. That is an hour later than I need to get up. Needless to say, I was late for work and the BF was late also since I get him up every morning. I ended up being 40 minutes late for work. So, I have 2 strikes against me for attendance. I already missed a day because my kiddo was sick so that is 1 1/2 days for me. On a good note, I didn’t have to run my machine but instead, I got to check parts for breaks and cracks.

We are having some crazy weather. First, it snowed a bit then it started to rain, a lot. The snow turned to something akin to ice and the rain is just a drizzle now. It’s winter. Why in the hell is it raining? The rain has no where to go so, of course, it’s just sitting there on the top of the ground.

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  1. March 1, 2007 at 03/1/07 9:57 PM

    the weather was awful here this morning – drove through white outs on the way to school, then freezing rain on the way to work. It’s been raining pretty hard for most of the day, and yeah – with no place to go, it is literally ankle deep in my driveway. :p

    How does the attendance thing go at your workplace? Do you get only three strikes? No personal time or sick time, vaca or anything, for when you have to be home with the little one?

  2. March 2, 2007 at 03/2/07 8:05 PM

    We get vacation time. I get 3 weeks a year. I get 2 weeks pay when my hire in anniversary comes, then the other week at Christmas. We can’t just take the days randomly though. We have to give 2 weeks notice. We get 2 days for sickness and whatever else then get a warning if we get a third.

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