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Can’t get a break

I came home to find that we had no water. Not a drop came out of the faucets. I thought, “Cool, this means I don’t have to do dishes”. A minute later, forgetting that there was no water, I turned the faucet on and what to my wondering eyes did appear? Yeah, you guessed. Water!

DAMN! I can’t catch a break. LOL!!!!

On the bright side, at least the water wasn’t froze. Seems the park turned it off to fix something. PHEW!

It’s been so cold here snot will freeze in your nose if you say outside too long. We’ve been freezing our asses off at work, all week. It’s been about 50 degrees or slightly higher in the building. It seems the new heaters aren’t doing a good enough job. On Monday, I kept having to take my rubber gloves off and blow on my fingers, just so I could work. Today, wasn’t as bad but it was still cold.

Categories: Bitchin', Livin' Life
  1. Capri
    February 27, 2007 at 02/27/07 10:23 PM

    Still hella cold here too. 😦

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