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Lily has a rough week

Lily went to the vet on Tuesday for a fecal test and exam. They gave me some special food and gave her subcutaneous injections for dehydration. When I came home on Wednesday, I did not expect to find that she had uncontrollable diarrhea because she had been doing so good the night before. So, I called the vets office and talked to them, explaining that I thought she might have an intestinal infection like my cat that I had about 5 years ago. After a 6:45 appointment, more subcutaneous injections, another fecal test for distemper, they gave her more parasite meds and antibiotics to take home. The parasite meds were just to make sure she didn’t have something that they missed the first time.

Lily lost 1/2 ounce from Tuesday to Wednesday because she kept pooping so much. She’s doing good now but I am afraid saying that will jinx her. She’s so tiny because of weight loss. Everyone at the vets office oohed and ahhed over her coloring and how cute she is. I probably have her a home if I can get her better and get her to gain weight.

It’s rather funny that Lily loves my BF and he does not like cats. When he came home last night, she heard his voice and came running from the bathroom to the living room. She lays on him ever chance she gets and that pisses him off.

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