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My little Lady Lillith

sleepy lily sitting pretty being sleepy
The picture where taken October 30, 2006

Lily hasn’t been doing very good since Spud died. She was calling out for him a lot. Then, she wouldn’t eat or drink. She barely went to the bathroom. AND she’s lost weight again. I am going to try to borrow some money from my mom so that I can take her to the vet. She’s such a loving little one. For the most part, she goes in the litter box like she should. Except when my son chased her and she went in the corner by the desk because she couldn’t go in the direction she wanted to her potty.

I don’t put Lily in her box anymore. It stresses her out to have to be alone in there so since Friday night, I’ve allowed her to sleep on a fleece blanket in my desk chair. She gets down when she has to go potty and gets back up when she’s done. She started eating again yesterday. She wants to eat everything that she shouldn’t and goes nuts like she’s starved if you eat something that smells good to her. So, I’ve been a little lenient in what she eats since I know she doesn’t really care for her cat food. I gave her a little bit of scrabbled eggs yesterday and she’s started to eat her cat food dry. The wet seems to stick in her mouth and she claws at her mouth.

So hopefully, I can take her to the vet very soon.

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