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I am tired of being exhausted

Tired, tired so darn tired. I even wanted to fall asleep on the way home and I only live 7-8 miles away from home. I’ve been trying to do the dishes but I would rather sleep. So, I compromised and sat down.

My son keeps bugging me to play Jimmy Neutron, Attack of the Twonkies. He’s been asking since his dad left for work and I keep telling him no. Once, he starts to play it, he doesn’t want to quit and that’s what he does all night. Over and over again he asks and I keep telling him no. “Why? Why?”, he keeps asking. “I ate all my dinner. Why not?” I’ve explained why and still he persists.

My little houseguests aka the kittens have diarrhea. I am giving them moistened kitten chow and catsip so I am not sure why they have the craps. I don’t have the money to take them to the vet. I am betting they have a parasite like my cat did when I had her about 4 years ago.

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  1. October 18, 2006 at 10/18/06 6:29 PM

    This weather just wears me out. I can’t take these dreary days. Not looking forward to a whole season of them!

    I have to say, all those “whys/why nots” sound *so* familiar. *sigh*

    Regarding the kittens. My dad takes care of all of his animals, as far as worming and such goes. If you’d like, I can ask where he gets his supplies from, and how much they cost. (Believe me, he’s VERY tight with his money, so I’m willing to bet the things are reasonable, lol!) I’ve seen the stuff he uses for the cats – it’s a little tube of paste.

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