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Time to use the potty

I already have one kitten using the litter box which is great. I am not sure if they both pooped all over the paperbag that I have in the bottom of the box. That’s what I woke up to when I got up this morning. I do know for sure that the black one does use the litter box but I don’t know it would sometimes and not all the time. At least, they are smart enough not to poop where they sleep! 🙂

I guess that I slept to long or I was dehydrated when I got up. The first thing when I got up this morning, I went to take care of the kittens, which was a mistake. I started getting sick to my stomach and almost vomited. I felt the migrain starting when I got up. Somehow I avoided a bad migraine by drinking water, eating oyster crackers and taking some sinus meds. Now, it’s just a dull ache.

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