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Lessons to learn

I slept until 9:30 when my lil one came knocking on my door. He didn’t go to sleep until almost midnight but still manages to get up that early. He should sleep longer than I do but he doesn’t. Oh well.

I just ate 5 (yes 5) small pancakes and I am stuffed. Instead of maple syrup on them, I smeared some country crock spread on them and added some cinnamon sugar. Yum Yum Yum!!!!

Right now, we are watching Bob the Builder. I love the messages that it teaches children. Like being tolerant of others even if they are different than you. Our local PBS station has it on everyday and we record it on our DVR from the cable company. It’s combined with the cable box. After so many days or if it needs space to record something else, the programs are deleted unless we’ve already deleted them. It’s a nice service but rather expensive.

I’ve also been busy this morning downloading free or opensource programs to my nephews laptop since I have cable internet. I have 2 more computers to fix including my laptop. I’ve had the bf’s sisters computer here to fix for a while. She keeps asking if I’ve got it done. No, I don’t. LOL! Hey, I am doing it for free and if it weren’t for me she would have to pay to have it fixed. Not to mention, if she wasmore careful she wouldn’t need it to be fixed to begin with. I can’t believe how many people still mess up their computers after using them for years. It boggles my mind.

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