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a porch, a real porch!

We finally have a real porch. A new porch made of wood! I don’t have to worry about falling off the porch anymore because it’s crumbling. I don’t know how many time that I have fallen off the old porch and hurt myself. I have even fallen while holding my son when he was under 2 years. We were on our way out to drop him off at the sitter’s so I could go to work. I felt myself falling and held myself up the best I could so I would land on my knees because I didn’t want to land on my son. It worked. I did land on my knees and hurt myself, tearing my jeans and skinning up my knees very badly.

The last time that I fell was last month. My left leg especially, looked like a cat had scratched the hell out of me. I had a lot of bruising but mostly it was swelling just from the impact. I even hurt my hand. So, I am very happy we finally got a real porch!!!

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