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no more forums for me

Here’s an example of another reason that I stopped joining forums.

I recently joined a forum. In my signature, I placed a link to Celeb Circus. It clearly said that it was a gossip site so what did this person expect when, they went there? Celeb Circus is rather tame compared to some of the big gossip blogs. I recently did a post about Angelina Jolie having or not having plastic surgery. Anways, read the article.

I gave examples of people who might want to use Angelina’s plastic surgeon. I offended someone from the forum because of my post about Melanie Griffith and her plastic surgeries. Holy hell, the guy is a nut job! I joined a forum not a damn cult. I can say on MY blogs whatever in the hell that I want.

Melanie Griffith had plastic surgery not because she was getting old but because she didn’t like things about herself. I said nothing about her age. I posted an unflattering picture of her. Hello? If you are going out in public, make sure ya look good. DUH!

Antonio married her because of who she was and how she looked. Obviously, she didn’t like the way she looked so she felt the need to mess with her face.

I was messaged by the Site Admin and asked to reconsider leaving. I will not leave but I have a feeling things won’t be the same there. I had a bad experience with the last forum that I was on because I didn’t conform to their way of thinking, I didn’t need another one.

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  1. July 28, 2006 at 07/28/06 2:07 AM

    I’m at IMDB and I’ve met some of the most evil peole from there. 😈 They’re insane. And it’s just a stupid message board.

  1. May 5, 2007 at 05/5/07 10:44 PM

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