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same old sh*t

I really am trying to get motivated today. I was going to take the kiddo over to mom's to color eggs but I can't seem to get moving. Why is it that I just want to veg all the time and not go out? I woke up after 9:00, got the kiddo some breakfast and climbed back in bed to watch tv for a couple of hours. I finally got my coffee and ate. My eyes still feel heavy.

I found another place to blog that uses wordpress. It's called Blogates. I put one of my old blogs up there, that I was blogging in before I came here. It's back and I don't intend to take it down again. I will probably eventually direct my old domain there. I originally took it down because of someone who likes to make fun of people and call them whackos. I didn't want that person to be able to say nasty things about me but I've thought about it and decided I don't care. If I don't read the things that are said, how is that hurting me? That person is the one with the problems not me. So, the blog is back but at a new location so if some of the people who used to read it would like to know where it is, they can YIM me. I probably won't blog in the other one as often as I do here. I don't want to many things on my plate at once.

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