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my car is falling apart

Monday morning, the kiddo and I were on our way to the babysitter’s as usual. I didn’t even move 5 feet before I heard a ka-thunk. Thinking that I had hit something, I got out to investigate. There wasn’t anything there. So, I went to work and came back home with no problems. That night while on my way to get some fast food, I was driving down our road slowly when I hear this thunk and I heard something clang on the road. Just knowing it came off of my car, I backed up and realized it was a piece of one of the springs on my car. A rather big piece of metal. 😦 So, I have a broken spring on the car. Not sure which side or if it’s in the front or back.

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  1. Nina
    April 13, 2006 at 04/13/06 2:42 PM

    Jolie, you be careful out there. You and the boy can get hurt. Better get that checked out soonest!

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