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2 for the price of 1

I read on yahoo today that Antonio Banderas was going to host SNL tonight. I was like,” oh yeah, I’m there”. So, I’m watching SNL and the musical guest, Mary J Blige is performing and I was bored. I flipped the channel to comedy central and who do I see, but Carlos Mencia! I was in heaven, let me tell ya!I get to see my favorite actor and my favorita comedian both, in one night! YES! So, I spent the rest of the half hour, switching back and forth between the 2 channels. It sure did make my night…… 🙂

I did get to see all of SNL. Loved Antonio’s opening monologue, especially when he said he was tired of being called a latin lover then he whipped off his shirt, revealing the top half of a halter dress and said, “because I’m really a woman”. Eventually, he pulled his pants off also to reveal he was wearing a whole dress and knee high boots! I was laughing so hard I almost peed!

Now, I just have to get off my lazy ass, head over to my mom’s tomorrow so she and I can go and watch my man, Antonio on the big screen.

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