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I wanna be a kid

If I am going to continue to use this particular computer, then I really do need to get a sound card. I don't see that happening in the very near future though. Because…..

My car insurance is now almost $700 for 6 months, that is $100 higher than the last time. I haven't had a ticket or citation in like 15 years. The only thing I can think of is that rates went up and/or they are using my credit to rate my insurance. One time, the bf asked the agent why the heck was up with our insurance being so high. The reply was that people with a low credit score are more likely to commit insurance fraud. First off, I would be too afraid of getting caught to do something like that and second, I always pay my insurance on time. I've never had a claim, ever. I've only got like $70 saved up and I have to half of the total before May 3rd.

Don't even get me started on health insurance. Thanks to rising costs, I lost my prescription coverage, therefore I can't afford to buy my allergy meds that are like $80 a month.

Being an adult sucks ass!

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  1. Nina
    April 6, 2006 at 04/6/06 3:32 PM

    Oh, Jolie, that’s just not fair.
    i know how you feel tho. My health insurance went up abunch, and my deductible is $1500. And my prescriptions are not a card for $15 any more. Now I pay 20% of full cost. And the drugstore can charge whatever the heck they feel like.

    No sound card? What’s up with that?

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