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I’m not your maid

I work for a living (ie barely scraping by these days) so why do I have to do all the housework? Seriously, is it so hard to throw something away? Pure laziness. I am lazy but at least I pick up after myself. The house is a sty and I get to clean it but what do I do with all the junk Mr. Lazy leaves lying around? I should just toss it all outside on the lawn. Maybe, then he would pick it up. Nahhh. He’s too lazy to do even that.

Trouble is, my son is starting to be this way also. Doesn’t throw his garbage in the can and doesn’t pick up his toys anymore. He’s turning into his father. 😦   I got tired of his messing things up as I tried to clean and lost my cool. I sent to his bed for a nap. I feel terrible because I do love him and I don’t like being a bitch to him. I just checked on him and he’s asleep.

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  1. March 19, 2006 at 03/19/06 7:29 PM

    I SO know what you mean. 😦 I have the same problems here. I got mad at hubby today because he was calling the kids “piglets.” I told him that they followed the example set for them!
    At least he admitted I was right on that. *rolls eyes*

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